Relief  Printing Workshops:  Beginners to advanced:  Courses on a variety of  relief printing methods, including woodcut, Lino cut,  colour reduction printing and multi block printing. These courses include printing methods with and without a press. Making sure that printing can continue whatever your studio set up is.

Screen Printing Workshops: With a fully mobile photographic screen printing studio I offer courses in multi coloured art prints and colour seperations. Also printing onto textiles. The studio explores the full photographic screen printing process from drawing to having  final edition of prints, The workshop is entirely water based and also demonstrated the scientific nature of photo sensitive emulsion used for printing. It is ideal for schools, young people and artists wishing to extend there knowledge and methods.

 Adobe Photoshop: Photoshop is an extensive tool for printmakers and artists learn how to create images which can be seperatied and prepared for printing and the use of combined imagery to create high quality digital art work. This course is for beginners to intermediate.

Visiting Lectures: I am also available for visiting lectures on contemporary printmaking practices and my own print practice, these can be accompanied with demonstrations.

For more information about services I can offer please contact me at   


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